family · Oregon Coast · Road Trip · Summer 2017

Our Oregon Coast Adventure: Day 2

Today we slept in. Wait a minute, I’ll let that sink in. WE SLEPT IN!! This is a miracle! Seaside really must be perfect! Our boys have been 7am wakers since they were born. It is inbred into their DNA. But today, they slept in. And I did too! 8:30am! First time in a long time.

After we got over our sleep-in, we had a easy breakfast and decided to walk along the promenade and explore the town. The Seaside Promenade is 1.5 miles long and right along the beach. It stretches from Avenue U (near where we are staying) to 12th Avenue. There are houses, and hotels and I believe even a B&B along the Prom. Chase took some pictures of the houses he liked.

There is the Seaside Aquarium (we haven’t gone to yet, but probably will before we leave as it costs $24 for the whole family to go!) which is one of the oldest aquariums on the West Coast and has a 25ft Grey Whale skeleton in the window. There is also the ‘Turnaround’. This is a dead-end roundabout when the road ends at the Pacific Ocean. There is a statue dedicated to Lewis and Clark and the end of the trail in the Turnaround.

After that we strolled along Broadway Street; got a coffee and cookies at a little coffee shop, went to Funland Arcade (where we spent way too much money trying to get a superhero trading card), had lunch at Dundee’s and grabbed a donut from Dundee’s donut shop, stopped at Schwietert’s Candy shop (so overwhelming and I only took photos of 3 aisles! It also had fudge, saltwater taffy and more!), grabbed some bonfire supplies and then walked back.

We then spent a couple hours playing on the beach, making castles and ‘volcanoes’ with moats around them, finding sand dollars and weird little crab-like things in the low tide. The boys seem content to run in and out of the ocean all day long! It’s nice to have them not asking for the iPad or screen time. We walked to the little market down the street, Ken & Son’s, and grabbed a few snacks. This town is lovely.


Dinner was simple, burgers and hot dogs. What we were all really waiting for was the bonfire and the S’mores! We LOVE s’mores. We even roast them back home on our propane fire pit in the backyard. But this, on a beach?! Something totally new for us.

And that was it! Day 2 was over! Looking forward to the rest of the trip!



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