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Our Oregon Coast Adventure: Day 4

So today was a little cloudy. Rather than just head straight down to the beach, Helen and I decided to drive into town and go to the outlets for some shopping.

First we thought we’d check out this little country market just down the street from where we were staying.  Now this market was just my kind of place. Everything was made in Oregon. There were shirts, bags, glass blown ornaments, wooden ornaments, wooden signs, preserves and hand painted items. I bought myself a glass tile. IMG_7330

After that, we headed to the outlets. Now, the outlets were quite small, but I did manage to get some items for the boys for school next year. After all, buy 1 shirt, get 2 free and no tax!

From the outlets, we went back to Costco in Warrenton. We needed a few more items foodwise. On the way back, we decided to stop at a cafe in Gearhart and grab a bite to eat before we met up with the boys. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the cafe was closed, so we went across the street to a pub/grocery store. It was called Gearhart Crossing and I would definitely stop by there again! Literally, the grocery store was in a U shape and the pub was built into the middle. They had done a really good job with the whole place. I ordered a Caprese sandwich with chicken and it was delicious!

Back in Seaside, we met up with the boys and decided to play a round of mini golf at Interstate Amusement Co. There are also bumper cars and the Tilt-a-whirl in the same building. The boys had already spent some time in the arcade, ate lunch at Pig N’ Pancake and gone on the bumper cars while waiting for us to finish shopping. There are only 10 holes, but we had some fun.

Afterwards, we gave the car to Dave and Helen and we walked back to house along the beach. The tide was out pretty far, so we walked right along the sandbars. Somewhere along the way, the tide decided to come in really quickly. Ethan, Chase and Sean kind of got stuck. It’s a funny story now, but Ethan was terrified! He tried to come off the sandbar towards me, as I stayed closer to the shore, and there was a huge drop off! He sunk right in! He got back up quickly enough, but that was the end of it. Full blown panic attack because he was worried he wouldn’t be able to get back to shore. It’s stressful when you can’t calm your child down no matter what you do. Needless to say, they ended up back tracking and coming off the sandbar the same way they got on. It took most of the walk back to reassure Ethan that we would never let anything happen to him.
We continued on our walk back, finding sand dollars all over the beach. It’s pretty neat exploring the tides, both high and low and I think we all enjoyed ourselves. It was a quiet afternoon after that, and we all just kind of had some downtime. He’s starting to look like a little surfer dude!


Time for our second bonfire! Are they called bonfires when they are on the beach?? Is there a specific name for them? Anyway, I digress. Beach fires mean S’MORES!! Have you ever tried a peanut butter cup instead of a Hershey’s bar?? If not, I highly recommend it! The first night, we cut the cups in half, tonight, we found Reese’s peanut butter cup bars! Perfect for S’mores.

Until tomorrow~



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