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Our Oregon Coast Adventure: Day 6

It’s essentially our last day here. Tomorrow will be cleaning, packing and leaving. I am sad. I think this may be my new favourite place. Being this close to the ocean has been invigorating.


We went to the arcade again this morning. Sean’s parents wanted to play the bingo game with us. Let’s be honest, we just wanted to play the game again. **I looked up the name. It’s called Fascination. Not a name I would have guessed.** So we walked into town again, this time without bikes or scooters, and played the rolling ball-bingo game. All the adults won at least one game each and we put all the points onto the kids redemption cards. We also spent a few more dollars playing the Marvel card coin game obviously.

Afterwards, we let the boys redeem their tickets. We had over 3000 from the week’s stay. So they each got 1500 to choose what they wanted. Ethan chose a Five Night’s At Freddy’s stuffed animal (because we don’t have enough stuffies already) and a dog tag necklace. Chase chose a fidget spinner (again, not like we don’t have enough)and 2 hot wheels.

One of the boys’ requests while we were in Seaside was that we go on the pedal boats. They go down the river in Seaside and we decided to oblige their request. So down the street we go and we get to the boats and they really want to rent a swan one, but Dave and Helen want to join us, so we get a 6 person pedal boat. Then comes the argument. Chase wants to pedal. He doesn’t want to sit at the back and do nothing. He WANTS to pedal. We almost didn’t rent the boat after that fit. But we are on vacation, and we are doing things for the boys. So we did. You rent the boats for an hour. Oh and it’s supposed to be relaxing. Not sure when the last time you rented one was, but when you are going upstream on the river with 6 people in the boat, it is EXHAUSTING! I am getting tired just thinking about it. Oh and the fact that we are wearing shorts and haven’t put sunscreen on our upper legs and we are sitting, peddling on the river. That spells S-U-N-B-U-R-N right there! Coming back down stream would have been relaxing and fun if Ethan hadn’t decided he was done, and kept asking ‘is our hour up yet?’ every 3 minutes. But hey, we all survived to tell the tale.

We were trying to decide whether or not to eat back at the house or to eat somewhere in town. We ended up stopping at Big Kahuna’s. It’s a little tiki hut restaurant tucked into an alcove right on Broadway street. They have domestic beers in cans and lots on tap, but no pitchers. I had fish and chips and enjoyed it, but wished it wasn’t shoestring fries.

Now, the one thing we hadn’t done while we were on the Coast so far was visit Cannon Beach. We had pulled off to get a sunset picture on the south end of the beach, but we hadn’t made it into town yet, or to see the Haystack. So we decided to take our afternoon and drive over to see it and get some pictures.

Cannon Beach is a cute little town, which we didn’t really see as we had one reason to be there. We took a couple photos as we walked down to the beach, but we didn’t really ‘see’ the town. The beach and the view of the Haystack was incredible! We took the obligatory photo from far away and then made our way to the rock along the shore line. The boys were soaked by the time they got to the rock. They are really becoming little beach bums!

We wandered around the tide pools and saw some sea urchins and crabs and mussels. The boys enjoyed our time there and were excited to touch the Haystack and play in the ocean during low tide. Chase found a mini sand dollar and was very excited about it, even though he couldn’t take it with him. If you don’t know, Haystack Rock’s intertidal area is considered a marine garden and no creature or material is allowed to be removed from within 300 meters.

After that, it was back home to Seaside. We really love the area we are staying. We are near Avenue U, so the far end of the Prom, but it is peaceful here. There aren’t a ton of people on the beach, so we can come and go as we please. The boys took the boogie board down from the house to try it out. I didn’t get any pictures as we were all enjoying the afternoon. I read some of my book and enjoyed the sun and the boys and Sean played in the water and built sandcastles.

Last, but not least, our last bonfire of the trip. Nothing beats a good bonfire, on the beach, with s’mores. We have had our fair share of s’mores with peanut butter cups in them. They are delicious and our new favourite! The boys dug holes in the beach and tried to create traps! We made them fill them in before we left. We spent a little extra time on the beach, as we knew this would be the last time we were on the beach for a longer period of time. Oh, how I wish we didn’t have to go home tomorrow!

Until tomorrow,



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