family · Oregon Coast · Road Trip · Summer 2017

Our Oregon Coast Adventure: Day 7

Today, I got up early. I wanted to go down to the beach to see a ‘minus tide.’ It’s when the tide is lower than normal.  This was taking place at 6:32am. I made it out there just around 6:30. It was busier than I thought, but super peaceful. There were sand dollars (the boys new favourite!) everywhere! All different sizes and shapes. It was neat to see them not damaged from the birds. There were ones that were alive and lots that were dead. There were mini ones ALL OVER THE PLACE! I collected a couple dead ones for Chase, as he wasn’t able to keep his one from Cannon Beach.

While the boys (including Sean!) I packed the bags and got everything ready. Then made some breakfast and Dave brought us coffee from The Osprey Cafe. He did this every day of the trip and it was a nice extra! Is it creepy to take photos of your kids while they are sleeping? It is when they are the most peaceful and I can’t resist.

Once we were all awake, we loaded up the car, strapped the bikes back on and checked the house one final time. Then it was time to go. I made Sean drive through the ‘Turnaround’ as we hadn’t when we came into town. It was our final goodbye to the beach.

On the road again! We planned to meet Dave and Helen in Olympia again for lunch. Other than that, we were on our own. I begged Sean to stop in Astoria to see the Goonies house, and he obliged. We tried to go to the areas that were suggested as a good viewing point, but our GPS got us hopelessly lost. We ended up driving into the neighbourhood (a big no-no) and turning around and I quickly snapped a picture as we were driving away. We didn’t disturb the neighbours and we even saw a deer crossing the street! It was a little piece of my childhood coming to life. We even stopped briefly at the Oregon film museum (site of the county jail from Goonies) and drove by the school in Kindergarten Cop. The one thing we didn’t do was stop at the Column. Oh well, there is always next time!

Traffic home was pretty calm, other than just outside Olympia and Tacoma. We ended up taking 40 minutes to drive 3 miles. We ate at Red Lobster and then hit the road again. We stopped in Kent, WA to grab a few items at Costco as we knew we wouldn’t make it to the one closer to home before it closed. Darn Costco for closing at 6pm on a Saturday! Grabbed some cheese and beer and a bottle of gin and got out of there. That place was crazy!! Other than one quick stop at Fred Meyer to grab a few smaller items, we just kept driving until we got home.

It was like a little neighbourhood reunion when we pulled up. We are really close with our neighbours and all the kids were outside playing. The boys quickly jumped out of the car and ran to see their friends. And then we sat outside visiting with all the parents. Needless to say, unpacking took us a lot longer than expected.

All in all, happy to be home, but wish the beach was just a few steps away from door again!


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