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Family Camping Trip

So we went on another family camping trip. We have been doing these trips for 4 years with a couple families. It is usually around my birthday weekend, but we had to delay the trip due to a wedding and us going to Oregon.

First off, I ADORE camping! We don’t go nearly enough, but we usually have so many other events going on that we can’t always find time to go. This trip, however, is an annual one and we try not to miss it. We like to try out different campgrounds, so as to broaden our horizons. Funny, who am I kidding? We just like the thought of going somewhere new. This year, we went to Silver Lake Campground in Maple Falls, WA.


Silver Lake is about 30 minutes from the Sumas border crossing. It is beautiful there. There are lots of the trees and the campsites are HUGE! We had our large tent, the kids’ tent and our car. And that was all in front of the picnic table! On the other side of the table, there was a fire pit and enough room to fit 8 kids chairs, plus 8 adult chairs. And we still didn’t feel crowded! They were also very private as there were so many trees! This is how I remember campsites as a kid. As a plus, with the 5 campsites we reserved, we kind of had a cul-de-sac, so the kids were free to roam amongst them. **As a disclaimer, I loved this campground, however, if you are one who needs running water, proper toilets, showers and wifi, this may not be the site for you. There is water and electrical hookups for trailers though.**

We decided to stop and get groceries once we got across the border, rather than attempt to bring anything across. We got our directions to Lynden and were on our way. Now, we still haven’t purchased a bigger vehicle. We have been talking about it for a couple years now, but it has kind of been the last expense we were planning on at the time being. So imagine fitting 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 tents, 4 camping chairs, all of our camping stuff, 2 bikes and all of the food for the weekend into my Honda Fit. This car really lives up to it’s name. I can’t even count the times we have fit way more than should be possible into that car, but we are finally starting to outgrow it for the longer trips.

We arrived around 3:30 and started to set up. Camping is fun, but the set up can be a pain in the butt. By the time we were finished setting up, it was probably close to 5:30-6:00. The boys had been riding their bikes and running back and forth with their friends and were enjoying themselves so thoroughly, we didn’t even hear any arguing! While we got dinner organized, I decided to set the boys up at hammock, however, we noticed the trees we’re a bit far apart or too close together. So we changed it up and made it into a hammock chair. I think Ethan spent the most time there, with his books as usual.


After dinner, one of our friends had the brilliant idea to bring along his projector and laptop so that the kids could watch a movie in the evenings. Yeah, I know, not your traditional type of roughing it, but it was a fantastic idea! The kids knew when the movie started, they were going to bed right after. No one fought us, they just did as we told them. So both nights, we started a movie, made popcorn and a fire (yes, we were allowed to have real fires! Shocking for those of us from BC, which is under a state of emergency due to the wildfire situation) and roasted a few s’mores and then put the kids to bed at 10pm, which is quiet time in the campground.

Afterwards, it was adult time. We played Bananagrams and Telestrations and just caught up with each other. Our Bananagrams games can get pretty tense and competitive, but it is what makes it all that much more fun! It even gets to the point where one friend had to follow up after we got home to prove that he was right about some of his words! We all know it’s in good fun, and it keeps it interesting.

Saturday, we spent a good portion of the day in the picnic/day park area of the lake. We brought down blankets, inflatables, a bbq, snacks, chairs and lots of sunscreen and just lazed around all afternoon. The boys were jumping off the dock and swimming in the lake, everyone was playing at the playground and our friends even brought a large inflatable raft that can fit 7 adults! So the kids got to go in that for a tour of the lake. Ethan definitely stepped out of his comfort zone (and a bit out of ours, if I am being honest) and was jumping not only off the dock, but off the railings and the dock posts. He usually isn’t in to that kind of thing and we were quite proud of him, as this wasn’t something we suggested, just let him get there on his own.

After we went back to the campsite, we fed the kids dinner, walking tacos, and then decided to head back down to the picnic area and play a little pick up baseball. For those of you that don’t know what walking tacos are – small bag of Dorito’s (or any other nacho chip. I used Ranch flavoured Corn Chips and was quite happy with my decision), taco meat and all the taco fixings, but you put it right in the bag! It amazingly easy and great for cleanup when you are camping! But back to the evening events. We had a great time playing baseball and everyone got a chance to bat, including the adults! The smaller kids played at the playground and came up with their own entertainment.

Even with the lack of wifi, running water, proper bathrooms (which they had at the picnic area with showers!), all the set up and take down, we had a FANTASTIC camping trip at a beautiful location with wonderful friends and we will continue this tradition for hopefully years to come.


Until next time,


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