Summer 2017 · Wedding

Our Crazy Week

So this week, I have been a little lax on writing, even though I said I would keep it up after Oregon. It’s been crazy, and there have been plenty of fun adventures to blog about, but I just haven’t had time. So sometime in the next week, look forward to all of our adventures, mostly in Kamloops, but a couple other stops along the way.

For now, I will tell you a little about this week. My little brother (when I say little, he is 32) is getting married! I love his wife! Well, soon to be wife I guess. Erin is amazing and she fits into our family so well. I am so excited to finally have the sister I have always wanted. And to be honest, I think that she is ACTUALLY the sister I always wanted. Maybe I wanted one as a kid, but this adult version – WAY better!

The wedding is tomorrow. And I am MC-ing. Well, co-MC-ing. That is a lot of hyphenations there, but I digress. It’s hard being the Master of Ceremonies at a wedding. I have done it before, and there is a lot of prep work, but I was so excited to do it for my brother’s wedding. Except when it came down to putting everything together. Do I go sappy older sister? Or maybe a ton of funny jokes from when we were kids? Really, this has been a hard thing for me. And co-MC-ing; that is a whole other ballgame. I just met Kristina this evening and she is wonderful. I think we will get along splendidly and tomorrow will go off without an issue, but it is different sharing the mic with someone. Our script is done, but here I am multi-tasking, and changing up a few things because we have more information after the set up today.

That is another thing. I am so glad that I didn’t set up my wedding and that I let other people take care of it. It’s stressful!! Is everything in the right place? Are we getting the exact visual that the bride wanted? Wait, I think that curtain is crooked. And the tablecloth isn’t even. And so on and so on. The venue looks beautiful and I know it will look perfect once everything comes together tomorrow night, but wow. I wasn’t ready to leave when we did. I was pretty sure I could stay there all night working on things and adjusting things and fixing things. So it was time to go.

One last beer with Matt before he becomes a married man. Looking forward to the wonderfulness that is tomorrow. It will be a fabulous day and the bride and groom will be amazingly happy and everything will go off without a hitch! Except that isn’t real life, is it? It doesn’t matter. Tomorrow will be perfect!

Until the wedding craziness is done,


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